What is Clinical Pilates/Core Control Pilates? How can it help?

Core Control Pilates uses tailored Clinical Pilates techniques to deliver a safe, effective and enjoyable way of strengthening your spinal stabilising muscles, improving your posture and optimising your functional control. ‘Core Control’ or ‘Core Stability’ promotes muscle strength and wellbeing, your muscles will tone and develop using this pilates based regime, the more you engage these muscles the stronger you become.

The programme is run by Sarah Healy, a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist who has been trained in Pilates by the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). The exercises are all based on the APPI research and Physiotherapy stability techniques.

Next start date: 22nd November 2019 @ 08.45 and 12.15 6 weekly sessions £60.00 must be pre -paid   Spaces limited  book via: admin@traceymilesphysio.com 

Future start date: 6th December – 17th January 2020 @ 10.00
book via: admin@traceymilesphysio.com 

What’s involved? we run a 6 week programme to gain the most from your muscles Exercises will be tailored to suit your individual needs : ‘Core Control’ or ‘Core Stability’ Classes promote muscle strength and wellbeing, your muscles tone and develop using this Clinically based pilates regime. The more you engage these muscles the stronger you become. The classes benefit people with a variety of different injuries and conditions.

The aim of the classes are to; improve your muscle strength and control, enhance postural awareness, improve muscle symmetry, improve wellbeing and reduce pain. The ultimate goal is to obtain independent Core Control ( knowledge and understanding of your body, fluid movement and how to control weak areas). Enabling safe independant exercise, ensuring progression to advanced levels of physical activity, whilst engaging the correct muscles.

Initial Assessment
All participants are required to undergo an initial assessment with Sarah prior to attending the class in order to determine suitability.

Classes are purchased in a block of 6 with each class lasting 1 hour.

What to wear and bring to the class
Please ensure you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that allows for free flowing movement. We advise you also bring a bottle of water to the class to have after or during if required.

Spaces are limited Must be pre -booked and pre -paid     book your place via: admin@traceymilesphysio.com