We identify the cause and contributing factors for the condition to gain an accurate diagnosis before treatment

Pelvic Disorders treatments from Tracey Miles Physio near Canterbury Kent

Pelvic Disorders

We are pelvic disorder specialist physiotherapists and pride ourselves on our hands-on treatment. Pelvic disorders can be issues associated with pelvic girdle alignment, pelvic torsions, pelvic organ pain, painful sex, pelvic organ prolapse, prostatitis, bladder pain syndrome, painful bowel emptying, and many more.

Tracey Miles Chartered Physiotherapists has an outstanding reputation with local GP’s and Consultants for quality of patient-treatment, treating pelvic disorders in Men, Women and Children. Our first objective is to identify the cause and contributing factors for the condition and secondly to achieve a clear and accurate diagnosis then we can effectively and efficiently treat.

The examination will include the lumbar spine, pelvis, hips, and pelvic muscles. Most of the examination will be external but may include direct palpation of the perineum or instruction to the patient to palpate their own perineum (saddle region in front of the anus). We may also palpate on the inside of the pelvis. This is called an internal examination and allows the physiotherapist to determine the presence of trigger points inside the pelvis that may be inhibiting muscle function or causing pain. Gaining access requires palpation through the vagina or anus, this is by no means an absolute necessity but remains the gold standard for assessment of the pelvic floor. We will ensure there is full understanding and consent by the patient before any internal examination takes place. Electromyography (EMG) biofeedback may also be used to assess the pelvic floor function.

If you are in any doubt as to whether we can help, please contact us to discuss and we will advise accordingly.

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