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Mummy MOT

One in three women is affected by pelvic pain or pelvic girdle dysfunction. It is recommended by the department of health that women should see a physiotherapist for a post-birth check 6 weeks after having a baby. The check aims to identify problems affecting the pelvic floor before they become a burden on life.

Seeing a Women's Health Physiotherapist can be a life-changing moment and help with a number of problems. It can take an average of 3 years for a woman to consult with their GP or to see a women's health physiotherapist. Women's health physiotherapy is essential after giving birth and can prevent future problems with pelvic floor weakness, stress incontinence, and regaining confidence with sport and sexual function.

Most conditions can be split into two categories: Pain and/or Weakness. Pain conditions can be caused by a variety of reasons and so a thorough specialist examination is essential to determine the cause. The weakness relates to incontinence that is caused by the birth of a child and the trauma caused as the baby exits the birth canal. Many women we see have waited years before seeking help, often making the assumption that wearing pads or coughing or sneezing and experiencing a leak is the natural course of life. Many women stop exercising or leak when they run, again thinking this is normal and they can't do anything about it.

We know this is wrong and we have helped 1000's of women since opening our doors in 2000

if you are in any doubt as to whether we can help, please contact us to discuss and we will advise accordingly.

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